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Services in December
1st  11 am Worship & Testimony F Patron
  7 pm Evening Worship F Patron
8th   11 am Worship, Testimony & Communion F Patron
  7 pm Evening Worship D Russell
15th  11 am Worship & Testimony F Patron
  7 pm Evening Prayer & Praise  
22nd  11 am Nativity Service F Patron
  7 pm Youth Service  
24th  11:30pm Christmas Eve Communion F Patron
25th 11 am Christmas Celebration F Patron
29th 11 am Worship & Testimony D Russell
  7 pm No Service  

This week's Notices


Preaching Plan  
What we believe  
Leadership Structure  
Child Protection Policy  
Other Rotas  
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Latest Sermons
3-4-11 Fidel Patron

26-09-10 Susanna Vallejo

12-09-10 John Hellyer

5-09-10 Fidel Patron
30-03-08 Fidel Patron
Equipped to serve - a leadership course by Rob and Gaynor Jones
HIDING THE WORD IN YOUR HEART: an excerpt from a sermon by John Mellor, healing evangelist. In English and Spanish





Minister: Revd. Fidel Patron

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